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Spirit Corner

On my Spirit Corner page, I will be displaying videos and photograph's of spirit.  If you have any photos you would like me to post, please email them to and then I will upload them onto this page on my website.


My Photograph/video taken locally in the woods in July2017.


I went for a walk in the woods with my grand children, they stopped to play in a very large dip, so I stopped to watch them and I had a sudden feeling to look diagonally to the left of me, and I saw a man all dressed in white approximately 200 yards away from where I was standing. Then he vanished in front of my eyes and I thought to myself 'Hi, who ever you are'. Then I carried on watching the children. I then  thought I would take a photo of my grandchildren running up and down inside of the ditch.

This video is when I took the photo on my new phone and unknown to me my phone has a 'live' function on it,  so that if you put your finger on a photo that you have taken, it moves and it turns to be a video. All too technical for me!  


I had just taken four photo's, the first two were very clear as it was a bright sunny day but the next two had a mist over them, My daughter in law went to show me how to use the live function on my phone, and we looked at the photo's that I had just taken, she then asked me what's happened to that photo and said to me, if you hold your finger down on the photo it will play like a video, which I did and then we saw the spirit run past straight in front of me/us, he so close but I didn't feel or see him again!


I got my husband to video the 'live' photograph and put it on here for all to see.

Spirit Orbs at Cold Christmas Church


One evening I went to Cold Christmas church with the people I was teaching in my mediumship circle and here are a few of the photo's that I took.


Top left photo has a few orbs across the whole photo, and at the far right hand edge of the church is where I saw a girl walk through the church wall, closely followed by a man I felt was her father!


Top right side photo, you can see some of the members of my circle surrounded by 25-30 orbs, and this is just what I caught on my camera, they were all around us, I would say at least a hundred, it felt very busy but they came with a good feeling!


The middle left photo numerous orbs and the female standing in the distance is a member of my circle but directly on front of her is a very large orb covering the the bottom half of her legs.


The centre picture has a few orbs.


Middle right hand side photo has a few orbs some small some big and two larger orbs on the left hand side of ther photo of spirit trying to show themselves.


Bottom left photo inside the church with small orbs that are quite bright, also a few faint orbs on the door leading up to the top of the tower of the church.


Bottom right photo, A few faint orbs on the door to the tower, but a couple of bright orbs on the walls.


The pictures above were sent to me from C S.


C said 'We regularly visit a small town in France. There is an old derelict house that Napoleon used to live in back in the 1800's which is now breeze blocked and boarded up.  Its a dangerous building that can't be accessed and the floors have fallen through to the bottom.  There is one window which hasn't been boarded up and I always get an odd feeling walking past so one day took a quick snap and thought nothing of it. When I zoomed in you can see two eyes peering through a gap in the curtains.  In the window you can see lots of shapes but they are clearly reflections from the sky and trees but I can't work out where the eyes are coming from'.


Some more great pictures from C S, on the two left pictures the orb is following someone down the road and quite clearly on the right-hand pictures the orb is floating just above the grass. Wow


These next 10 amazing photo's where sent in by Christine Williams

Watch this video until the end. You see orbs moving around the room, then see an orb come straight for the camera, sent in by Kerrie from Hatfield

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