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"Susan's amazing ability to contact loved ones who have passed on is such a comfort.  She is an extraordinary woman who uses her gifts in the service of healing and love."

Katherine Wattiker Olivetti


A weight has been lifted. 

"Seen Susan a few times, many years ago. I've recently had a telephone reading and although a little apprehensive about what this may be like, I was surprised that it still felt like I was sitting in Susan's living room.
I love receiving readings (at the right time) I always gain so much from them, and more so with Susan. She's truly one of a kind. So genuine, kind, caring, understanding and compassionate. The accuracy of the information shared its incredible. I feel privileged to have received a reading again. Thank you Susan and thank you Michael.  "

Christy Moore


Highly Recommended Medium

"Susan an extremely gifted and talented medium. Her readings are very detailed and accurate. Intense yet comforting. Susan genuinely cares but is also very honest. She provides significant support and guidance with a great sense of humour. She has helped me significantly with the passing of my father and helping me reconnect. She has also helped heal me and my family. For me, this is priceless and I can’t thank her enough "

Leah Fletcher


Ms Rekha Kataria

"I have had readings with Susan since 2015, which is for 4 years now and her readings are incredible. Her attention to detail in her predictions for the future are spot on,  it amazes how accurate she actually is to the finest of details. Her readings have really helped me some in some difficult times, as she has accurately shown me the light after the tunnel. I am very thankful to Susan and Michael."

Rekha Kataria

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