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Telephone Readings (30 Mins)

I offer 30-Minute telephone readings which can be booked on my online diary, or use the link above which will open up my diary.

I generally do telephone readings on Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's & Saturday's but will open up other days from time to time.

Telephone readings are the same as if you were here with me, your family/friends in the spirit world would come and talk to me wherever you live.

When you book, you will be sent an automated confirmation email with further details of the number to call, This number will be a UK Landline number. 

These are one person readings.

Skype Readings - 1-Hour Readings 

Covid-19 has changed many things and unfortunately, I have decided to no longer offer face-to-face readings at my home as I am in a high-risk category, but instead am adding 1-hour live readings over Skype.

You can now book these on my online diary.


You don't need to have a Skype Account, you will be sent a link which will open up Skype in your browser, you will just need an internet connection.

Mediumship Development Program

For further information on my Mediumship Development Program Click Here.

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