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Mediumship Development Programme

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I have taught Mediumship for over 35 years and have now I have decided to offer it to the 
world on Skype, so it is accessible to all.

My Mediumship Development Program is split in to 3 courses of 8 week sessions, starting with the Basic Foundation Course, then the Intermediate & finally the Advanced Course, each course is held over 8 consecutive weeks, unless stated.

Each session length will be approximately 90 minutes per session, but may run longer if groups are full.

This progressive course will teach you how to have a good connection with spirit and teach you how to develop those skills and with practice be able to become a working medium.

My unique approach to teaching has come from my guide Michael, the way he taught me as a child, simple but very effective.

Group Courses


Groups are Limited to 6 Per Group

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It is recommended that all participants start with the Basic Foundation Course.

Group Course Details 

During the course, you will receive: -

•8 x 90 minute training sessions on Skype (group session when full, can be up to 2 hours)
•A recording of how to connect with spirit
•Exercises/Home Work to do between some of the sessions
•Weekly email spiritual information
•A Free piece of Malachite crystal
•A certificate upon completion of course and completed exercises.

Group places are strictly limited and will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

Next Group Course Starts: -  

Sessions will be held every Wednesday @ 7.00pm for 8 weeks.

Date Sessions as follows: 18th, 25th Sept, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th Oct,  & 6th Nov 2024

Intermediate Course Start Date Wednesday 27th January 2025

Advanced Course Start Date Wednesday 7th May 2025

How to Book your Place

To reserve your place on any course, you will need to pay a deposit of £100 by using the PayPal link below.  Please use the appropriate deposit button for the start date you would like to book.     

Wednesday 18th September 2024
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
If you would like to be kept informed of the next starting date, please email

Please Note: The deposit is refundable up to 14 days before the course date, if you decide to cancel your place.

On receipt of your deposit, my PA will email to confirm your place and and forward further registration details.

Payment 1 - £200 to be paid within 14 days of the course start date.
Payment 2 - £200 to be paid within 2 weeks after the start date.

Total Payment £500.00

Further Payment details will be forwarded to you.

Group places are limited to 6 per class and will be offered on a first come first serve basis.


Subject to minimum numbers.

Please Note: If you cannot make a session, Susan will record the session so you would be able to

catch up by watching the recording.

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Mediumship Course Reviews
M/Ship Q & A's

Mediumship Course Reviews

Firstly over the years I have done a good few readings with Susan to know that she is one of the most accurate and also kind & compassionate Mediums out there. Susan does it with her heart, her soul and as her life purpose. 

As a natural progression I joined Susan's on-line Mediumship development group. In this 8 week course you will be amazed in how far you will advance in your own abilities, intuition, connections and all the invaluable information you will receive in course hand-outs and mini-readings in circle. I highly recommend this course not only for professional development but certainly also for personal development. -Christine 

Susan is amazing at what she does and such a kind and caring person as well. She's honest and will answer your questions directly how you asked them. After going to Susan for my readings I knew she would be the best person to help my development. I'd say to anyone thinking about training with Susan just do it, you will not regret it.  - Nicki


For anyone who is has an honest interest in learning the ethical and compassionate methods to Mediumship, then the courses Susan offers are for you. It's hard work but Susan teaches with discernment, levity and a golden heart. Being a Medium is serving those in spirit on both sides of the veil. And while the beginner course is a stand alone class, providing a strong foundation covering all of the mechanics and formal pillars of mediumship, each additional course takes the student who is willing to commit to consistent practice and homework to gradual new and deeper levels of connection with spirit. The experience has been life changing for me, finding a divinely guided inner peace and life purpose in helping others. - Julie L

When I signed up for this class, I couldn’t imagine that mediumship could be taught. I thought it was a natural gift -you had it, or you didn’t. But to my surprise,  Susan showed me it was utterly teachable. Every week we got an assignment or exercise, and each did indeed improve my skills and others in the class. In fact, the least open at the beginning of the course became the most skilled and successful at the end of the class. Mediumship is reachable for anyone who wants to learn through Susan’s class. Most people who will come across Susan know her skill is out of this world. What they learn about her is that she is also generous, selfless and dedicated to helping people connect with the spirit world. - Melissa W

I had my first reading from Susan in January 2016 after a painful bereavement; not only was I amazed at the accuracy of the reading but also by her confirmation that I too was capable of mediumship. I had known this for a few years but hadn’t been ready to embrace it until then. When the opportunity arose to develop under Susan’s expert tuition, I jumped at the chance to be taught by such a gifted medium. A friendly, supportive and encouraging tutor through the Foundation course, I had no hesitation to sign up for Intermediate and Advanced courses. Susan goes through every subject patiently and the courses have helped me change from a complete novice to having the confidence to join a local spirit development circle and give accurate readings. Highly recommend if you are considering developing your mediumship skills and a great way to meet like-minded individuals on a similar life path. - Clare B



Questions & Answers

Do I have to live in England?

No, I have had people from all over the world, in the same group. That’s the beauty of Skype.

Do I need to have a computer?

You need access to the internet.  You can use PC, Tablet or Phone, as long you download the Free Skype app.

I have never used Skype before, is it difficult to use?

No, it is easy, trust me, I am not great with technology, but I quickly mastered Skype, it’s like using your phone, but with video.

You will be sent details on how to use Skype before the sessions start. Keith, My PA, can also help you if there are any problems.

Can everyone see me when we are on the Skype call?

That’s up to you, you will have a choice to turn on or turn off your video icon, which means you will always be able to see me, and anyone else who has their video on.

Who is the Development Foundation Course suitable for?

The course is aimed at people who want to begin to learn how to connect to the spirit world, an easy way to enhance your connection.

People who have attended similar courses who need a re-fresher or would like a different approach would also benefit from the course.

Do I need to pay in one payment?

The course needs to be paid in full two weeks prior to the course starting date. If you have booked a place well before this, you can make monthly payments as agreed with my PA.

What happens if I can’t make a session?

What happens if I can’t make a session?

Unfortunately, you would lose that session. You would still be sent any exercises and lesson information, but I would be unable to make the session up.

How long is each session?

Each session is advertised as 1 hour; however, most group sessions, when full, can go on longer than an hour, some sessions can go on for up to two hours. If you need to leave the session before it finishes, you can.

What if I am late joining a session?

This will be covered in the Skype hand out before you start, but basically once I make the call to the group, a ‘JOIN’ icon will be displayed on your Skype, which you can click on to join in.

What happens after the eight-week course has come to an end?

I also run Intermediate & Advanced courses to continue with your development throughout the year,  these can only be booked after the completion of the first course. 

What will I be able to do with the skills learnt?

People want to learn to connect to Spirit for different reasons, however, the tools and skills you learn can enhance your ability to connect with spirit world and with consistent practice, your connection with spirit will become stronger. Then practice giving readings to friends of friends to get used to conveying messages to others, with time and practice this could become a profession. My guide has always said that we are continuing to learn with every step we take through our life and told me to always remember the more you connect with spirit the more you receive from spirit.

Terms & Conditions

•If you decide to cancel your booking after you have paid, I require 7 days’ notice, to receive a full refund.
•It is your responsibility to be available at the time of each session, no refunds or part refunds will be granted if you miss a session. 
•If you miss a session, you will still be sent the weeks exercises and lesson information, but unfortunately, I cannot offer any alternative sessions.

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