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Telephone Readings (30 Mins)

I am very fortunate to be extremely busy and my appointment schedule is often booked 18 - 20 months in advance, for some of you that is too long to wait, so I offer 30 minute telephone  reading sessions.

Telephone Readings are perfect for those who need a reading sooner or live too far to travel.

Telephone readings are the same as if you were here with me, your family/friends in the spirit world would come and talk to me wherever you live.

Telephone readings are recorded and the recording is emailed to you within 48 hours.

Live Skype Video Readings 

As well as telephone readings, I also offer live readings over Skype.

Skype sessions can be arranged for 1 - 6 people, for more information on prices please click here

I am often booked up 18- 20 months in advance for this service.

To book all Skype Sessions, please email requesting a Skype reading.

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Mediumship Development Program

For further information on my Mediumship Development Program 

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