Law of Attraction Crystal Grids


Health Grid - The crystals used on this grid are to help with general health issues.


Included in ths Grid Box is:


1 x Cloth Grid 

1 x 50 mm Clear Quartz Angel

1 x Clear Quartz Angel

4 x Rose Quartz Tumblestones

2 x Amethyst Tumblestones

2 x Lepidolite Tumblestones

2 x Selenite Tumblestones

2 x Aventurine Tumblestones

2 x Fluorite Tumblestones

2 x Tigers Eye

1 x Instruction/Layout Guide


The cloth grid is made from a 320gms heavy 1/2 Panama Cotton fabric, the grids can be ironed (reverse side best). 


The cloth grid measures approx 36 cm x 36 cm & the pattern is approx 25.5 cm x 25.5 cm


All crystals have been cleansed, to recleanse please refer to the Crystal Information page on my website.



Health Grid - General Health