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Cancellation List - Face to Face Bookings

As I get booked so far in advance for face to face readings, when you book an appointment you can opt to be added to the cancellation list, which means if someone is unable to attend their appointment, you may have an opportunity to get an earlier booking.


The order of the list will be determined by the date you are booked.


When someone cancels within 7 days of their appointment, I will text the next 5 on the list at the same time offering the available appointment, the first person who responds to accept the booking will be allocated it. If none of the 5 respond within 6 hours, the next 5 will recieve a text and so on until the position is filled.


If someone cancels within 3 days of their appointment, I will text the next 10 on the list and only allow 3 hours, before texting the next 10 on the list.